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26.12.2022 19:52

Well, she doesn't even have a name yet!

I HATE how this one turned out. Generally, i try to be positive about my art but this time, i really don't like it. I was trying to do the trend where you create a monster according to the audio, but she DID NOT look the way i wanted. Don't worry tho, i'll try to make a new monster that i'll like ;) So, i don't like this one, but wdyt? ;-; I'll be happy if you let me know!

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14.04.2023 19:59


Yorumunuz için çok tesekkür ederim. Yeni çizimler için takipte kalın!

14.04.2023 07:28


Hepsi birbirinden güzel basarilarinizin devamını diliyorum...

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19.10.2023 17:44


I don't really make realistic drawings but today I wanted to challenge myself and try something different. I think it's going pretty decent. I'm not done with it tho as you can tell. Just this part took me almost 3 hours to make. This is probably going to be my most detailed digital art so far. I'll probably continue next week because of my homework :( So, I hope you enjoy!

17.09.2023 18:22


So I haven't watched the new episode yet, but I've seen some spoilers. And it was enough to convince me to draw him (I struggled a lot to write that sentence BTW). Anyways this is a quick sketch I made at my dorm room so I hope you guys like it.

28.08.2023 17:57

Imbibitor Lunae

So this is one of my most detailed digital drawings so far. And I really like it. What do you think about Dan Heng? Honestly, I love the relationship between the trailblazer and him. He's a great character. Soooo, hope you like it!

27.08.2023 17:43

Heres a pose study from yesterday~

I'm actually working on a different piece rn, soon to be finished~ probably finishing today. I was bored from working on that drawing so I switched to something new. I actually really like this drawing. What do you think?

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