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19.10.2023 17:44


I don't really make realistic drawings but today I wanted to challenge myself and try something different. I think it's going pretty decent. I'm not done with it tho as you can tell. Just this part took me almost 3 hours to make. This is probably going to be my most detailed digital art so far. I'll probably continue next week because of my homework :( So, I hope you enjoy!

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17.09.2023 18:22


So I haven't watched the new episode yet, but I've seen some spoilers. And it was enough to convince me to draw him (I struggled a lot to write that sentence BTW). Anyways this is a quick sketch I made at my dorm room so I hope you guys like it.

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28.08.2023 17:57

Imbibitor Lunae

So this is one of my most detailed digital drawings so far. And I really like it. What do you think about Dan Heng? Honestly, I love the relationship between the trailblazer and him. He's a great character. Soooo, hope you like it!

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27.08.2023 17:43

Heres a pose study from yesterday~

I'm actually working on a different piece rn, soon to be finished~ probably finishing today. I was bored from working on that drawing so I switched to something new. I actually really like this drawing. What do you think?

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26.08.2023 17:01

Bill Cipher!

Here is a quick sketch of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. I finished this drawing recently and wanted to share with you guys! Hope you like it

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19.08.2023 21:15

Dazai Osamu~~

I just started watching bsd and it's going pretty well- I normally don't watch all the episodes at once, but I can't stop watching it! I loved Dazai from the series so I wanted to draw him. I was going for a quick sketch but it took 2 hours to complete~~ hope you like it!

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13.04.2023 20:48

A new character!

So this is an OC based on a number. I really enjoyed this piece and i think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

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13.04.2023 20:45


Tipitip is a cat who was abondoned by his family :( He was left on the streets on its own. Luckily, my dad who's a vet found him, and took him to a clinic. He suffered from many diseases, but he's a lot better now. He also got attacked by dogs. Now, he's taking parasite treatments. Altough he went through so much, he's really playful. Thanks to my dad's friend @vethakankose and @pethospitalturkey for everything. Please take care of your pets. They are all family

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13.02.2023 18:31

My progress!!

So, I don't really remember the exact dates but I'd say the first one was 3 years ago. The second one's about a year ago, and I just made the other one. So, let me know what do you think about them!!

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26.12.2022 19:52

What do you think about this drawing?

I HATE how this one turned out. Generally, i try to be positive about my art but this time, i really don't like it. I was trying to do the trend where you create a monster according to the audio, but she DID NOT look the way i wanted. Don't worry tho, i'll try to make a new monster that i'll like ;) So, i don't like this one, but wdyt? ;-; I'll be happy if you let me know!

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23.12.2022 19:50

Hopefully I can finish it soon!

I have been trying to complete this painting for "Gülşen" and "Sütlaç" for a long time. I know it's been a long time. But I am going through a period when I have to focus on my studies. But as I promised, I will complete this painting for "Sütlaç". Stay tuned...

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10.09.2022 15:24

How is your day going today?

I've been feeling tired and overwhelmed these days, Idk why. So I sat down and started working on this piece. After I finished this, I started feeling much better. You can feel down sometimes, but do something you love and you can feel a lot better! What do you think of this one? Comment down below!

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03.09.2022 11:43

Having some fun with this new thing i've just found!

I've just made this cute dancing Flowey! You can check it by clicking this link: Tell me what do you think about it ヾ(•ω•`)o

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20.08.2022 19:00

It is done!

So.. did you you guess right? :) It's Scarlet Witch from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also, I added Loki from The Avengers and Doctor Strange from Avengers: Infinity War. What do you think? For me, I was expecting something really different. I'm not that disappointed but I was definetely not expecting this. And I also learned trusting the process while working on this piece. When I finished it, it didn't look as good as it does now. Because it was not varnished yet. So, varnish does really make things better guys. And you should really trust the process. What do you think about this one? Pls let me know :)

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19.08.2022 18:54

Work in progress.. ^_^

Yes, i didn't take the best picture ever but I didn't want to give spoilers:) I'm painting someone or some people here! Who do you think they are? And pls don't mind those little drawings, I made them at school 'cuz I was bored:P And I listen to music as well-that's why those headphones are there :) Do you have any music recommendations for me? I have one! You can check out the Lofi Girl YouTube channel! They have great songs for studying/relaxing. What do you think of this painting? And stay safe everyone! :) ~Have an amazing day!

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16.08.2022 18:06


Made this cute little drawing on my math test:) I like doodling a lot while studying, but this time I even used my markers because I was so bored! Math problems could be so boring sometimes. I mean in my opinion, the people in the questions are so extreme. Like, why would you want me to remember your email password -ugh- What do you think of this drawing? And what are your thoughts about math problems :) Please let me know ^_^

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12.08.2022 18:28


What do you think of this new logo? I wanted something pinkish so i went for it. And i really like how it turned out!

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07.08.2022 19:13

A Mythical Character drawing

Idk what to call her.d so I decided to call her 'Corrupted Goddess'. What do you think of this name? I think it suits her ^_^ I had this drawing idea and was going for a butterfly look, but it turned out to be a Goddess and I'm happy about it:) Sorry for not posting btw. But I'm here and will be posting more soon!

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01.08.2022 19:49


Okay, I'll be honest, I've never watched Stranger Things (-: But I know a thing or two:) So, I was bored and decided to draw something today. And I've been seeing Stranger Things related videos everywhere. So I decided to draw Eleven. What do you think about this drawing? And who is your favorite character from Stranger Things? ^_^

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31.07.2022 15:34


I've made this fan art of Nana today! Do you play MLBB? She's a really fun character to play with and I really like her! ^_^ I didn't have enough colors, so I made some of them by mixing (especially browns). What do you think about this drawing of Nana? Let me know :)

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30.07.2022 15:11

Going on a vacation!

Made this small sketch on the road! And yes, I'm going on a vacation again:) But didn't want to sit on the bus doing nothing, so I made this little drawing. Do you remember this scene with these two? ~We won Mr. Stark, we won.~

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28.07.2022 20:26

Meiosis animation

I made this animation a while ago for my school project. I've used my Wacom tablet for this digital art. I'm very happy about the way it turned out! The first drawing is not mine btw:) I hope this animation helps you learn something new!

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27.07.2022 21:44

Sleeper Cat

My cat totoro grabbed my bed and prevented me from sleeping. I think he knows very well where the most comfortable place to sleep is.

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25.07.2022 19:19

Some Quick Sketches!

She's one of my OCs and I'm not really sure about her name :) Well, she's the Queen of Candies, do you have any name ideas? :D I've used Copics on this piece and I didn't have the shades I needed so I tried to make the shadows with some purple, and it didn't really blend well because colors were not that close. But I think it still creates a shadow effect. I'm happy about her hair tho. What do you think?

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24.07.2022 14:37

Uykucu Kumsal Sleeper Girl

She's another one of the characters of my upcoming game! She likes to sleep a lot if you haven't noticed that yet:) But she has the ability to walk in people's dreams. So i think that kinda makes sense? She's so powerful because most people don't know when they are dreaming or not. So she could make you believe that what you see isn't a dream and actual reality.

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24.07.2022 02:55

Horse, toilet and dumbell

I came up with this idea for procreate artmash challenge. I decided to make a cowboy in Egypt, in a toilet line. What do you think?

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22.07.2022 18:40

Which animal is your favourite??

These two took some time but I finally finished them! I thought it would turn out a little different but I think it's okay. I really like these colors! I think they look so pretty! I've had so much fun while making these. You should try this too! It's called 'string art' I think, I'm not sure :)

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20.07.2022 21:39

Totoro the Cat and shaving adventure

My cat's been feeling depressed today. I mean, not necessarily depressed but i think he is mad at us for getting him shaved. He is a Chinchilla so he has long hair. And we thought it would be better for him to get him shaved in these hot summer days. I don't he likes being 'hairless', but he will get used to it eventually. And it will grow back, right?

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18.07.2022 17:57

Princess Kaguya

She was one of my old OCs and i decided to redraw her! I didn't make a lot of changes about her design but i think she looks better now. I'm excited for the results!

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13.07.2022 12:08

Don't stop creating!

Just started working on this new drawing today. I hope it'll turn out the way i'm expecting. Can do slight changes about the proportions, but it looks okay for now! I'm excited for the finished product!

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13.07.2022 09:44

im on vacation

Even on a vacation, i won't stop drawing. Made an OC drawing today, can't remember her name.d

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